DFX, the Network Services Orchestrator acting a middleware is positioned between OSS layer (Service Now) and infrastructure layer (Networks), which by taking the leg work out of equation automates the provisioning element. Hence our customers achieves Cost Cutting, Impeccable delivery & Operational efficiency of their Network Infrastructure.

Workflow is the heart of Orchestration, DFX gives you the flexibility of defining customized workflows as per your environment. DFX automates the engineering tasks, by automating the request analysis, service creation and modelling, pre-checks and deployment and post-checks.

For end-to-end service provisioning automation, DFX can be integrated with well-known industry OSS (.i.e ServiceNow) and can translate the customer policy requests into network language i.e. Policies or flows. Based on the service requests, DFX can model the topology from the data-plane and work out which Configuration Items [CI] or devices which are required for service provisioning.
Post-modeling the desired policy is constructed, which then goes through a series of validation and compliance checks, ensuring the requested policy is ‘fit-for’purpose’.
Once the policy design is approved by the engineer, the orchestrator than creates a change ticket in OSS (Service Now) and follows it through the change approval process.

Once the change is completely approved, the Service is then activated, as per the schedule defined by the customer.

Upon provisioning, orchestrator performs checks against the success criterias and if the deployment is successful, orchestrator closes the change ticket in OSS and also notifies the user for its request completion. In case the request was not successfully provisioned, the orchestrator will automatically roll it back and notify the user.