For the Network Operators, who strive to pilot the intricacies of their multi-vendor environment, our Network Services Orchestrator -DFX dynamically provisions End-to-End heterogeneous network at ease. Unlike existing proprietary management systems, DFX creates an open ecosystem amongst multi-vendor platforms, by abstraction of network services and helping our users to deploy and manage an end to end network services just by using an easy to use portal.

Traditional Networking is complex, difficult to manage and vendor centric. With the advent of Network Virtualization Technologies comes the need of a common platform aka Orchestration, bridging the traditional network and next-gen virtualized infrastructure together. Being it multi controller SDN Orchestration or Service Chaining between a MANO and SDN Controllers, DFX can build end to end service with in no time.

Ecode Networks was seeded to foster network innovation, defining the principles of Network Orchestration by Abstraction. With accreditation from Open Networking Foundation (ONF), and Metro Ethernet Forum(MEF), we also provide training & certifications to Network enthusiasts globally. Offering a complete package of Product, Solutions, Professional Services and Educational Services, we help our customers to take the leap of faith to the Next Generation of Networking.

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Highly qualified specialists

Dan Pitt

Dan Pitt

Executive Chairman

An expert and industry leader in data networking, telecommunications, Software-Defined Networking (SDN), and Network Functions Virtualization (NFV), from the perspectives of technology, standards, and business. Coming from an academic background, serving as dean of engineering and fostering R&D, Dan has served in advisory and operational roles in research programs and startup companies in Silicon Valley, Canada, and Australia. After successfully running Open Networking Foundation (ONF) for 5 years, a non-profit consortium championing SDN, Dan has helped ONF to transform the networking landscape and enabled a new crop of innovative, software-based initiatives and startup companies turn networks into revenue-generating assets and instruments of corporate strategy. Currently with Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF), driving orchestration standards and advising startup companies. Dan is a missionary to operationalize these concepts for the networking and telecom industries and their customers.

Nimit Shishodia

Nimit Shishodia

Managing Director

Nimit brings 16 years of Networking experience and expertise, working with fortune 100 companies like Juniper Networks, UBS and Jefferies. In 2009, he started his professional services company focusing on network design and deployment. Followed in 2012 by Ecode Networks, focusing on research and development of Software Defined Networking. With a Patent pending in Network Virtualization Technologies, Nimit is a Technocrat at heart with appetite for Business. An Out of box thinker, Thought leader, Researcher, his experience includes Consultancy and Management. Hunger for edge cutting technologies, appetite for risk, innovation and business are his true strengths.

Mick Cooper

Mick Cooper

VP - Business Development (EMEA)

Mick brings over 15 years of Sales expertise and experience to Ecode Networks. With years of experience selling cloud, virtualization, next generation SD storage, security and workspace through vendor-independent infrastructure consulting and managed services. Mick true strengths lies in building teams, processes, policies and technology already in place then create a customised plan that mitigates risk, reduces cost and improves efficiency, driving business value rather than technology outcomes. He is instrumental is establishing the sales channel and recruiting reseller partners for Ecode Networks.

Dr. Peter Komisarczuk

Dr. Peter Komisarczuk


Dr. Peter is an academic at Royal Holloway, University of London, in the Information Security Group (ISG), where he is a programme director. He has worked in industry in R&D and business development roles at Ericsson, Fujitsu and Nortel Networks in the areas of next generation ‘intelligent networks’, access and optical networks and Internet network technology. He researches and publishes in the areas of internet security, networks and protocols, next generation networks, cognitive radio, distributed systems and computing. His teaching covers various aspects of undergraduate and post graduate teaching in security, networking and computer science.

Nagendra Yadav

Nagendra Yadav

VP – Software Engineering

Nagendra brings over 15 years of Software development expertise and experience to Ecode Networks. With years of experience in designing and developing cloud based and hosted applications for mission-critical network systems, delivering high-availability and performance. His true strengths lies in taking an idea on to a conceptual level and productise it. A Java Geek and a well-recognised industrial trainer, Nagendra is passionate about Software Development and ways to innovate new methodologies, processes and products.

Santosh Darade

Santosh Darade

VP – R&D

Santosh bring over 12 years of experience in research, training and development. Santosh has taught 30 subjects with expertise on Computer Networks, Cryptography & Network Security and Software Defined Networking. His area of research is Software Defined Networking Security issues, SDN – IoT Integration, SDN with 5G slicing. He has written more than 10 books on Information & Cyber Security, Cryptography & Network Security, a lifetime member of ISTE. He has published 20 papers in International conferences & 5 in reputed journals. He has been instrumental in SDN training’s, certifications and defining SDN syllabus in universities. He has been honored to inaugurate India’s 1st dedicated Software Defined Networks Lab in Pune, India.

Yogita Hande

Yogita Hande

OCSA Certification Trainer

Mrs Yogita Hande brings over 7 years of Experience in research and training with expertise in Computer Networks, Data Communication and Wireless Sensor Networks, Data Structures, Cloud Computing and Artificial Intelligence.
Mrs. Yogita is also pursuing her Ph.D in Software Defined Networks(SDN), with years of teaching experience in Computer Networks. She is very methodical in her trainings. She ensures that the candidate gets the best working SDN exposure, for the in-depth learning of the technology.


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