Automate and simplify your operations.

Business Challenge :

The infrastructure of today, demands agility, on-demand provisioning, and speed of delivery. Over the years of IT evolution, Infrastructure is automated, Storage is Virtualised, but when it comes to Networks- it’s monolithic and static.  

The key problem with Networks is the legacy boxed mind-set and device per feature approach. Which comes with vendor lockdown and a monolithic distributed architecture. Moreover, a lot of human efforts are required for translating Service requests from OSS/BSS into machine learning (Network language) form – which comes with laborious CLI/UI based provisioning, complexity, and human errors.

Winning Solution :

DFX- The next-gen Network Service Orchestrator overcomes the problem by automating the Service Requests translation from the OSS and model them into Network Layer language, validating them and injecting the translated service requests directly into the data plane.

DFX eliminates the complexity of manual processes and simplifies the provisioning by the means of NETCONF/YANG/OPENFLOW/SSH – directly to the devices. The enterprise-class resiliency, security, speed of provisioning by translating Service Requests makes DFX an imminent tool for your Network Transformation.