DFX – Data Flow Control takes the new architectural approach to network and security design, deployment and management by providing Service Providers and Enterprise IT departments with an easy-to-use solution that controls all aspects of Software Defined

Networking [SDN] Orchestration. DFX gives an interactive interface to the user, delivering a full SDN experience.

DFX through the control flexibility of SDN, eliminates the need for traditional routing,

switching and other features from the network to create a simple, flatter and centralised flow-based structure. With a real-time health monitoring of the controller, switches and the links, DFX provides a faster fault-resolution mechanism and adapts to the changes as the network scales.

DFX provides a platform to create business API on top of the centralised control plane overlaying the cost reduced networking infrastructure. Using Evolve, Networking

and Application staff can work together to improve IT efficiency, reduce overhead,

and lower Tower cost of Ownership (TCO), with rapid innovation in the Network Systems.

Evolve, powered by SDN Controller eliminates the need for traditional features such as network routing and switching.

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