Round table Event – Change The Way We Do Networking Forever Event in London

LONDON, UK, Sep-21 2018 iSYSTEMS and Ecode Networks have formed a strategic partnership, working together to blaze a trail for the next generation of software-defined orchestrated and automated networking solutions. Ecode Networks offers a software solution for telecom service providers and enterprise customers to automate their network services, reducing costs and complexity. iSYSTEMS is a vendor-agnostic enterprise infrastructure services and solution provider.

Ecode was founded by some of the leading global minds in enterprise networking. The company was created to foster network innovation through Network Orchestration by abstraction.

Network orchestration is a policy-driven approach to Network Automation  that coordinates the hardware and software components a software application or service requires to run. An important goal of orchestration is to automate the way network requests are carried out and minimize the human intervention required to deliver an application or service. For example, if a cloud storage provider receives an order for 2TB of storage through its customer-facing website, the provider’s orchestration platform can translate the order’s requirements into configuration tasks for network devices to execute.

Network orchestration allows network engineers to define their own gateways, routers, and security groups through software configuration files or policies that are written in a language that a control plane can understand. Instead of one person setting network services and another deploying the application, orchestration automates workflows so both tasks can be carried out programmatically at the same time. Some sophisticated orchestration platforms are network-aware and can use analytics to decide where specific resources should be deployed in order to maintain optimal network performance.

Please join us for a roundtable discussion on Friday September 21st featuring keynote speaker Dr.Dan Pitt, senior VP of MEF, Nimit Shishodia, founder and CEO of Ecode Networks,and Ross Anderson, CTO of Ecode Networks. Dan will give some opening remarks followed by a presentation by Nimit and Ross on how to “Change The Way We Do Networking Forever” and:
  • Transform your network to an ‘as a service’ model by abstraction of network services
  • Provision End to-End heterogeneous networks with ease by translating and modelling the service requests directly from the service layer
  • Create end-to-end workflows and automate repetitive manual tasks to achieve operational efficiency and cost savings
  • Provide powerful software tools to orchestrate network services dynamically on demand
  • Solve your provisioning problems with both a real-time service update model for OSS and a monitoring service data for BSS.
This will be followed by a Q&A session with Nimit, Ross, and Dan.
  • Nimit Shishodia, Ecode’s CEO and founding partner, is a luminary in the field of software defined networking and orchestration.
  • Ross Anderson, Ecode’s CTO, is an expert on network security, IT in financial services, and system integration for SDN.
  • Dan Pitt, Senior VP of MEF (the industry association that created Carrier Ethernet and now advances a comprehensive framework for network transformation), has been the voice and face of SDN and open networking since the beginning, serving as the Executive Director of the Open Networking Foundation from its launch in 2011 through 2016. Since 2017 he has been evangelising the MEF 3.0 vision and technical program, harnessing SDNFV in the LSO (lifecycle services framework) and open APIs, and expanding the MEF community and ecosystem globally.


ECODE Networks is a provider of SDN/NFV Management and Orchestration solutions as well as Open Networking Foundation (ONF) and Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF) member. The company focuses on analyzing customer’s pain points and increasing their productivity by delivering innovative products and solutions with Network Orchestration techniques by abstraction. With a focus on the telecom providers and large scale enterprises, we are helping our customers to automate the larger scale deployments and manage them. Ecode is also an authorized training provider for ONF-SDN and MEF Certification program, fostering the adaption.


iSYSTEMS is a vendor agnostic enterprise infrastructure services and solution provider, guiding customers through the complexities of cloud and hybrid cloud, hyperconverged and software defined architecture through independent consulting. Whilst providing big company benefits, iSYSTEMS maintains a boutique service mentality which means customers feel partnered, not pressured or dictated to.