Network Slicing

Business Challenge :

At present, service providers face the challenge of supporting numerous and diverse applications on crowded networks in the future, more devices in more vertical industries will require 5G connectivity. Delivering all of the necessary network demands is costly and complex in a traditional network environment, which also lacks the flexibility to support the introduction and trial of new services.

Winning Solution :

DFX – Network slicing allows a network to be run in a far more cost-effective manner. With network slicing, operators are able to analyze each respective ‘slice’ and work out the exact operational costs far more accurately than is possible in the current network model. Operators can then allocate efficiently to each slice. Overall, this will have the effect of increasing profitability by generating more revenue without any increase in costs. Other benefits include cooperative slicing. This involves underutilized segments of the network being used by a second operator; this would be beneficial for both operators as it would not increase CAPEX and would generate revenue from unutilized resources.